Ford Upgrades the Safety Features of the Transit

The Ford Transit Passenger Wagon remains a popular option for large families, organizations and fleet owners who desire a capable vehicle with plenty of interior space. The 2019 models are now safer than ever thanks to a number of new features. When in the market for a large cargo or passenger van, see us at our Topeka, KS location.

The rear camera makes backing up easier and safer and also comes with an optional video system. The camera automatically turns on when the vehicle shifts into reverse. The dashboard screen clearly displays the image from behind the van. Not only does the system warn of potential hazards, but the images also enables drivers to quickly latch onto trailers.

For the safety of the second or third seat passengers, the side-curtain airbags have been added. When an impact occurs, the curtain moves downward between the window and occupants to protect the head and neck regions. The bags also remain inflated longer.

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