The Ford Ranger Has Hardware for Trails

If you want to hike along a wilderness trail, you'll need a vehicle that can effectively maneuver along paths in the surrounding area. The Ford Ranger is an ideal truck for hiking situations because it's equipped with Trail Control.

Ford built Trail Control for strategic driving situations in off-road areas. The system doesn't activate automatically. Instead, a driver must activate the hardware when it's needed as the Ranger travels on rough terrain. Trail Control can help you reach hiking paths since its increases precision and handling by managing braking and throttle. If you drive the Ranger on a risky trail that's somewhat high above normal ground, Trail Control will maintain a consistent speed.

The Ford Ranger is also an ideal automobile for daily errands, and you can operate it on regular roads and highways by taking a test drive. You can test drive a Ford Ranger at Laird Noller Topeka Ford.



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