Check Out the Ford Focus's Exterior Style

The 2018 edition of the Ford Focus is not your average commuter car. If you like to make a statement with the car you drive, Ford offers several different looks to choose from, and they all stand out in the crowd.

If you like speedy compacts, chances are you've considered the limited edition Focus RS. This vehicle is made to look like a street racer to match its race track performance. The eye-catching design of its front grille and rear spoiler add to the trim's aerodynamics. Who said a snappy look can't add to a vehicle's performance?

Ford has a plenty of color options for all of its Focus models that go beyond the humdrum silvers and reds you see everyday. Blue Metallic, White Gold, Hot Pepper Red, Outrageous Green, and Lightning Blue are just some of the colors you can choose from.



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