Car Battery Charging Basics

A dead car battery is one of the most common reasons why vehicles in Topeka, KS won't start. Instead of replacing the battery altogether, you can use a charger to replenish your battery. We here at Laird Noller Topeka Ford want you to be an informed vehicle owner and know how to take care of your car. Here is some information on how to use a charger.

Car battery chargers are not the same thing as a phone charger. A lot of power goes through these devices, so you need to be careful using them. Before you attach the clamps to the terminal, you should prepare the charger by placing it as far away from the vehicle as possible. The distance you place the charger in relation to your car will depend on the length of the battery cables and the power cord.

Then, lift your hood to access the battery. Locate the positive and negative battery terminals. With the charger unplugged, attach the red clamp to the positive terminal and the black clamp to the negative terminal. Once everything is secure, plug the charger and turn it on. The battery should be fully charged in a few hours.

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