2022 Ford Super Duty | Topeka, KS

If you have big jobs in front of you, you want a solid, durable, tough truck to have your back. And they don’t get better than the 2022 Ford Super Duty — the most capable and advanced Super Duty yet. If you need more muscle to get through your daily grind and deliver a job well done, the the new Super Duty is available at Laird Noller Topeka Ford in Topeka, Kansas.

Ford Super Duty | Topeka, KS


More power than ever

The 2022 Ford Super Duty offers a three-engine lineup that always comes through in the clutch. This includes the most powerful gas V8 in the heavy-duty truck segment[1] and the legendary Power Stroke®.

Ford offers a new 7.3-liter pushrod V8 for its latest Super Duty, serving up massive might. The 7.3-liter V8 is the most powerful in the segment, putting down 430 horsepower and 475 lb-ft of torque.

For the utmost power, go with the iconic 6.7-liter Power Stroke® V8 Turbo Diesel. With a 36,000-psi fuel-injection system and stronger construction, the new Power Stroke® puts down 475 horsepower at 2,600 rpm — which is lower than any other heavy-duty. It also offers amazing pulling power thanks to an incredible 1,050 lb-ft of torque.


Whether you haul or tow, Super Duty is the way to go

Heavy loads don’t stand much of a change against the power of the 2022 Ford Super Duty. Ford gives you a heavy-duty truck that can out-pull and out-haul competing trucks, which means you can always be confident that you’ve got what you need to finish the job.

The 2022 Ford Super Duty offers more conventional towing than any other truck at up to 21,000 pounds[2] as well as best-in-class maximum conventional diesel towing of 24,200 pounds.[3]

Need more? The Super Duty offers best-in-class 32,500 pounds of fifth-wheel towing[4] and a massive 37,000 pounds of max gooseneck towing.[5] And when it comes to payload, your Super Duty is tops again with a best-in-class maximum of up to 7,850 pounds.[6]


Ready for a truck that’s as geared up to get the job done as you are? Visit Laird Noller Topeka Ford and check out the mighty new 2022 Ford Super Duty.


[1] Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

[2] Max available gas conventional tow rating of 21,000 lbs. available on F-350, DRW, Regular Cab, 4×2, 7.3L gas. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

[3] Max conventional towing on F-450, Crew Cab, diesel. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

[4] Max 5th-wheel towing based on 6.7L engine on F-350 DRW and F-450 cab and drivetrain configuration and aftermarket equipment. See dealer for details. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

[5] Max gooseneck towing on F-450, Regular Cab, 4×2. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

[6] Max payload on F-350, Regular Cab, 4×2, 6.2L with heavy-duty payload package. Class is Full-Size Pickups over 8,500 lbs. GVWR.

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